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Are you a Chaplain who works in a hospital, residential treatment center, detention center, or other related place of ministry?    If so, you have surely gone through times of great joy and accomplishment and times of frustration and sadness.  As a 28 year Chaplain at Chaddock, a multi service children, youth and family treatment center, I have had some great times and some really frustrating times. My strongest resource for the past 15 years has been the NCAYR. Chaplains from many settings have recharged me time and again both at our annual Fall conferences and throughout the year through emails and conference calls.  The sharing of ideas is powerful but the sharing of support and God’s love is what keeps me going in this deeply meaningful ministry to traumatized youth and families. The relationship with other chaplains enables me to face the frustrations of scheduling, of reaching difficult clients and staff, of coming up with new and creative messages and programming.

I urge you to consider joining NCAYR to enhance and support your ministry as a Chaplain.


Chaplain Gary Livesay

Chaddock Quincy IL


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The National Chaplains’ Association for Youth at Risk (NCAYR) is in its 59th year of support for ministers to youth in youth-serving agencies throughout the nation. NCAYR began in Chicago in 1948 with a small conference of chaplains from training schools in New York, Michigan and Chicago. Four chaplains began the association that grew into a network of approximately 150 members over the years and annual conferences were held in 15 different States. We seek out ministers from every youth-serving agency in the nation to join our Association and to increase our sharing of support and ideas for our common mission to advocate for quality spiritual